Do what makes you Sohr

Our Product Lineup

Turmeric Ginger

Take nutrient-dense hazelnut milk, balance it with the quick carbohydrate from apple juice, and add the function of turmeric and ginger roots. All that and 18 grams of plant protein? This one’s a game changer.

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt

Blend together hazelnut and coconut milks rich in monounsaturated fat, add in the bittersweet power of raw cacao, and finish with a touch of salt. Fortified with 16 grams of plant protein? Talk about a win.

Vanilla Maple

Combine the warmth of vanilla extract with nutrient-dense hazelnut milk, and finish with quick carbohydrate from maple syrup. 17 grams of plant protein later? Do what makes you Sohr.

Sohr's Mission and Vision


The foods that we choose to eat while training and fueling our bodies have an effect on our communities and our natural environment. This knowledge inspired us to start our company.

At Sohr, our mission is to support your performance by making plant-based nutrition convenient and delicious. Each of our beverages is nutritionally dense, and made with a base of organic hazelnut milk.

Our customers love that we work with sports nutritionists and athletes to ensure that our products are effective for their lifestyle. But behind the scenes, we are working with our organic hazelnut growers to increase the availability of this sustainable crop.

Call us protein on a mission; or just call us kind of nutty. Either way, we believe that we can change the world with plant-based sports nutrition, and we prepare so you can perform.

Team Sohr


Amber Myers

Crossfitter, Mud runner, Mom

Warrior Dash done! 3 miles, 12 obstacles, 1 hour and 13 minutes! I got my Sohr in both pre and post race, life saver 💓

Peter Dixon

Competition Boulderer & Ethical Vegan

All organic real food nutrition with an excellent protein-to-carbohydrate ratio. They source all of the Ingredients in a sustainable responsible manner. Naturally..I'm honored to be a part of @teamsohr and represent such an awesome company.

Chelsea Knight

Athletic Yoga Trainer & Entrepreneur

Man I have the best job! I love working with Team Sohr and supporting a local company who’s all about caring for athlete’s bodies & minds 🙏🏽

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